The Effects of the Lunar Phases of the Moon

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Since ancient times, civilizations have accredited the moon as to having affects on the earth, animals and nature and humans.

The Mayans believed it a deity, the Egyptians worshipped Khonsu the moon god and Allah was a moon god of ancient Arabia.

Even though these ancient civilizations teach us that our long ago ancestors previously knew of a connection with this satellite, we don’t need to look back far to see evidence of effects of lunar phases of the moon, they take place every day!

Skeptics may not have read all of the facts currently available to them to one hundred percent say that this feminine celestial body has no effect on our being.

Science is debunking legends at a slow pace that there are no correlations. Most of us know of the moon’s gravitational affects on the bodies of water of the earth, pulling and releasing  tides from hundreds of thousands miles away.

Our bodies are made up of sixty percent water. There’s just no way the moon can’t have some type of pull on us as it does our vast oceans.

Researchers have even found a relation between menstrual cycles and the cycles of the moon.

And it’s a fact, that various animals and plants follow cycles of mating, reproducing and resting that coincide with specific lunar cycles.

Today, ask any one who works on a daily basis with the public; Police Officers, Doctors, Nurses and Prison Guards all report of an uptake of strange and insane behaviors occurring on nights with a Full Moon.

Strange deaths, suicides, wierd dreams and gruesome violence are often associated with a howling moon.

The Luna derived words such as Lunatic come from the Latin word Luna. It is believed that people exhibit an increase of bizarre behaviors on a Full Moon.

Astrologers (those who study how planets affect us) believe that each planet (plus the Moon and Pluto) each have specific energies that they  produce that influence our behavior and circumstances.

Astrologers believe that the Moon influences our emotions, instinctual habits, the Mother and home.

So with all that being said let’s read on to discover how each moon cycle influence us.

The New Moon, this is when the moon is not visible (unless there’s a solar eclipse.) This phase is said to make us more restless causing early risings. We tend to be more sensitive causing us to be more shy and withdrawn. This is a time of heightened creativity, clarity and intuition. This is the ideal phase of the moon to start new beginnings.

The Waxing Crescent Phase is when the Moon starts to become visible. Our energy levels increase, we gain in power and strength. Our focus is increased helping us to brainstorm our creative ideas and take action.

The Waxing Gibbous Phase is a phase when the light of the moon is almost full. Listening skills diminish and our focus is high. Excitement rises and we take a moment of recluse to go over all the details.

Alas, the Full Moon. This phase is when the visible side is completely illuminated. During this phase of the cycle, people’s emotions, intuition and creativity are at its peak! Along with these, insomnia and increased fertility mark this time. We can have more energy and be more sociable during this time as well.

The Waning Moon or Third Quarter Phase is a Period when the moon begins to lose her light. Our sensitivity during this time increases and we begin to turn inward again for a time of reflection and letting things go. Completion of tasks.

The Waning Crescent is when their is only a sliver of illumination. Energy is being decreased and rest and relaxation is favored. This is a time to wrap everything up and release anything not needed. This is a window of time to begin to look ahead at preparing for new beginnings with the restart of the cycle with new moon.

So with this information, conduct your own research by being aware of your behaviors and emotions and see if they coincide with a specific phase of the moon. Happy reading. Happy Learning and Let me know in the comments what you think! 🌝


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