New Moon Ritual 🌑

I wanted to share my story with you all about my experience with trying out my first new moon ritual.  If you didn’t know, a new moon occurred  yesterday, Thursday May the 25th. If you watched my video on the Lunar Phases of the Moon & their effects (* or if you are already familiar with the topic, you’ll know that the New Moon is a great time to perform rituals that can bring about change, new beginnings and manifesting what you want out of life in the next 28 days (length of the moon cycle.)

I practiced this ritual last night and I began by imagining in my mind’s eye being surrounded by a bright, protective, white light. I then wrote down everything I wanted to begin to manifest in my life this month. I wrote down numerous things I wanted to achieve like this blog and my Youtube Site becoming successful. I also asked to make more money.

I wrote from the heart and I wrote with passion. Before beginning the ritual it was advised that I be grounded. The importance of this was really stressed. 

I went outside with my written wishes and put my hand on the leaves that cover my neighbors fence to become one with it’s energy.

I began to imagine roots coming up through my body, touching and then illuminating each one of my seven chakras. After grounding myself with doing  this, I asked the Universe to grant me these things I as long as it benefits the World, Mankind and God’s purpose. And then I set my intentions on fire and let the smoke billow into the atmosphere. It was something strangely satisfying about doing this. Maybe because as a kid I was a firebug 😬.

Then after doing this I went on with the rest of my night as usual, not giving the ritual a second thought. 

Well, when I woke up this morning, boy did I have a surprise! I had an email from a company that I had applied for moooooonths ago contact me to see if I was interested in a part time job working from home. The hours outlined in the email were perfect, I could work from home and the pay is good as well.

I included a screenshot of part of the email as proof ⬇️

Many of the articles mentioned being careful of what you wished for because completing these rituals at this time were extremely powerful. I’m not a skeptic but I also don’t believe something just because someone else believes. I love trying and researching things for myself. So imagine my shock at the rapid results of this ritual. 

After reading the email I headed to my full time job with my hand itching like crazy. And you know what they say about that, that money is soon to be rolling in!

Thanks for reading and let me know if you plan on doing any new moon rituals or if you have any interesting stories to share of moon rituals you have done in the past. Peace and Blessings everyone!





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