Welcome to Intuitive Neptune & U!

Hi, I’m Koria and I created this blog to help you explore life’s greatest mystery, You! We all come to a point in our life where we want answers to all those questions that seem too puzzling to answer. However, I am here to help teach that there ARE answers out there! We all just have to search deep within ourselves, our world and each other.

This is a journey together. And I am not only here to teach those spiritually awakening, but I am  on the journey this journey to enlightenment as well. No one knows it all. If they say they do, run! Be open to new ways of thinking here and you might be surprised that what you learn may change your perspective on life forever!

Here the topics will be from everything to love, food, religion, spirituality and everything in between. Everything known to mankind will be discussed. Everything we experience shapes us so I can’t peg this blog site into one category because us humans are more complex than that.

Being a fierce collector of knowledge, I have come to a point of self awakening, beckoning me to share my knowledge with others. What I have learned and what I will learn will be shared with all.

I hope here you all feel free to learn openly, express yourselves with no holding back and share any gems of wisdom you learn here! Much LOVE, PROSPERITY & BLESSINGS to all!!!

~XOxoKoria💓 CrumpleroxOX~